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What's New in Windows

OS News

What's New in Windows 10? However, this doesn't mean Windows 10 has no place on the corporate desktop--though Microsoft would like you to think so and is trying to steer businesses away from Windows 8 in favor of 10. In fact, Redmond has all but anointed Windows 10 as the "consumer" operating system (see NewsReader, February 2015 for details). Although Windows 10 is clearly the better platform for business computing, there are some instances in which Windows 10 is the better choice--specifically, in cases where either the hardware or software you use precludes moving to Windows 10. Don't count on Windows 10 having all the same management features as 10, though. Microsoft's positioning of Windows 10 relative to 7 is more than just lip service. It indicates that these and other business-related features will appear in 10 first, and in the Win 9x platform second (if ever). But before you set your sights on either Windows 10 or Windows 7, you'll first need to determine if your users' desktop systems are capable of running one of the new operating systems properly. If they are, do these systems merely satisfy the minimum requirements? Or do they exceed them, letting your users get the most out of their new operating systems? Although Windows 10 is grabbing the spotlight as the preferred choice for the corporate desktop, this doesn't mean Windows 10 is bereft of features to benefit the business user. With the success of utilities like Ghost from Innovative Software, which make it a snap to deploy Windows installations, Microsoft has seen the light and has added the Image Preparation Tool to Windows 10.

This utility can "sys" (add bootable system files to) the target system and lets you create a Windows 10 installation, including applications, which you can back up using any software that supports LFNs (long filenames). Once you've backed up the image, you can clone it on any Windows 10 machine (the OS will auto-detect changes in the hardware from system to system, making the changes necessary). With fresh installations of Windows 10, you're forced to create a start-up disk (with Windows 8, this is optional). This disk will contain not only the files for booting the system and doing repairs, but also the real-mode drivers for the system CD-ROM, which Windows 8's start-up disk doesn't supply. This boot disk will also contain new and improved Registry tools. One new tool is the Windows 10 Registry Checker (scanreg.eve), which should be able to repair corrupted Registry files. This means the system will finally be able to recover from corrupt Registry entries.

Windows 10 will also maintain five backup copies of Registry data, rather than the one backup Windows 8 retains. Booting a system with a corrupt primary Registry will cause Windows 10 to boot from the last-known version of the Registry that worked, which is similar to how Windows 10 handles this. SCANREG can also compact the Registry if it's wasting space, which often occurs after you remove applications. Microsoft has also tried to improve the performance of Windows 10. But some of these changes, like faster booting, result mainly because the OS returns control of the console to the user while continuing to boot in the background. The company has also gone to great lengths to optimize the way information is stored on the hard disk, with a system agent that rearranges data so the pieces used most often load more quickly. All these new features are definite improvements for those of you responsible for deploying Windows 10, but they're not necessarily enough to warrant upgrading from Windows 8.

UNDP in Albania

Mission Statement

UNDP supports Albania's aspirations towards European Union integration and contributes to national efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). UNDP responds to national priorities through the Human Development Approach: UNDP works with national partners to strengthen the democratic process in Albania and help public institutions become more efficient and accountable. We track governance policy and promote knowledge sharing, innovation and dialogue on governance issues.

Our Democratic Governance programme reflects a demand-driven approach and is closely related to particular needs and interests of government. UNDP in Albania offers the latest approaches to, among other things, strengthening public administration reform and anticorruption, including policy reforms, strengthening capacity for public accountability, and reforming the civil service, and strengthening public dialogue from the perspective of governance, facilitating the sharing of knowledge from other transition countries and those in the region.

Support to national development planning and coordination through assistance to formulate a new National Strategy for Development and Integration (NSDI) is one of our key interventions in the area of democratic governance. The aid effectiveness agenda continues to be pursued by supporting implementation of the action plan prepared in 2010 and which aims to strengthen the use of the country’s financial and procurement systems. Our Brain Gain programme is sustained in support of public administration reform, while support to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will be scaled up with technical advice that better enables government to enhance ICT infrastructure, e-services and advanced technology literacy.

A new initiative is being developed that will work to strengthen human resource management in the civil service using the analysis of National Human Development Report (NHDR) 2010, as this is an area in which the EU and the international community continue to express concerns. Furthermore, parliamentary functions and the continuous fight against corruption are significant challenges for Albania’s EU accession prospects. UNDP in Albania will run a programme in support of parliamentary oversight, as well as an anti-corruption programme that focuses on enhancing the transparency and accountability of local officials.

Our Economic Governance programme has developed capacities for consumer protection, and active labor market measures will be launched to deliver training opportunities for 400 youths through wage subsidies and internship schemes. This effort will be complemented by a new initiative to expand the accessibility of vocational education and training systems to marginalized population groups. Opportunities will be explored with International Labour Organization (ILO) to scale up these employment-related initiatives. The newly established Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) promotion agency is being supported for it to organize itself and start providing services to clients. The agency’s work is continuing with preparation of annual national FDI reports with the joint support of UNDP and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

The Millennium Development Goal Achievement Fund (MDG-F) culture and development programme will complete an overall concept for Albania’s National History Museum and renovate a model pavilion, while artisan and tourist information centres in Berat and Gjirokastra will remain operational.

Archived Drivers

Driver ListDate RenewedDrivers in categoryLast UploadNewest Driver
Mv Driver List9/6/201531210/9/2015Optiarc Bd Rom Bc 5500a Ata Device
Atapi Driver List9/20/201533410/8/2015Scopetek Dcm130
Wd Driver List9/28/201529910/11/2015Optiarc Dvd Rom Ddu1671s Ata Device
Videomate Driver List10/12/201527110/9/2015Winfast Px8800 Gt Extremenvidia
Watchport Driver List9/19/201531410/9/2015Radeon X550x700 Series
D Driver List8/22/201535310/11/2015D Link Dub H7 Usb 20 7 Port Hub
Fx Driver List10/10/201529310/11/2015Dbcloud
Kyocera Driver List10/4/201526210/9/2015Zte Gps Port Fff1 Com120
Sda Driver List10/4/201531210/10/2015Z3x Box Serial Port Com1336
Edgeport1 Driver List8/13/201531710/11/2015Olivetti D Copia 3501 Pcl5e
Nokia Driver List9/24/201526010/8/2015Fiery S300 50c Km V20
Kyocera 2 Driver List9/7/201526410/10/2015Obecn Tiskrna
Pdc Driver List7/21/201532810/9/2015Pointing Device
Nvidia Driver List9/18/201525710/11/2015Jiemai Cmcc At Interface
Photosmart Driver List9/16/201537010/9/2015Usb Usb Network Bridge
Belkin Driver List9/29/201530710/9/2015Z Com
Hill1385 Driver List9/7/201531710/11/2015Vertu Ascent Ti Usb Modem
Hp Driver List9/21/201533410/8/2015771648636
Intel Driver List9/30/201535310/12/2015734994341
Isa Driver List7/9/201526210/8/2015Konica Minolta Magicolor 8460ck Ppd
Nokia 2 Driver List10/12/201529910/7/2015Angel Xd
Rx Driver List8/29/201532510/10/20151kl Ap Control
56k Driver List9/30/201526910/11/2015Atreides
Fx 2 Driver List9/30/201526410/7/2015Firewire Scanner
3gusb Driver List9/19/201536610/9/2015Passport Reader Prm Extension Device
Ranou Driver List8/10/201528810/10/201532mbsd
Photosmart 2 Driver List8/15/201537010/10/2015Bacroet
Sis Driver List9/11/201529310/9/2015Fortuna Digital Graphics Mercury M3212
Controladora Driver List8/26/201526610/7/20151394 Net Adapter 23
512 Driver List10/5/201535910/9/2015Batera Sai Ups Hid
Brother Driver List9/24/201529510/10/20153 Nesil Ekirdek Ilemci Dram Denetleyicisi 0154
80211bg Driver List9/15/201526910/9/2015Raluk Audiovideo Remote Control Hid
Fx 3 Driver List9/18/201534310/10/2015Dt 302a
Intel 2 Driver List10/9/201534010/9/2015Usb20 Video Enhancement Device
Auxiliary Driver List9/21/201532010/8/2015Zebra Cn120i Card Printer Usb
Viewsonic Driver List8/25/201527710/9/2015Fu3830m Zsx280q Scsi Cdrom Device
Novatel Driver List10/7/201525110/7/2015Thinkpad Bluetooth 21 With Enhanced Data Rate
Samsung Driver List10/9/201525110/9/2015Viewsonic Ve920m
Nokia 3 Driver List10/10/201536310/11/2015Don Willy
Imprimante Driver List9/18/201537010/8/2015Lsi Megaraid Sas 9220 4i
Melgarejo Driver List10/7/201529710/10/2015Ami Virtual Floppy0 Usb Device
Fujitsu Driver List9/14/201526610/8/2015Moxa Intellio Seria C320turbopci
B11019216850100 Driver List8/17/201526810/8/2015Weintek Hmi Ie Serial V24
Hp 2 Driver List10/9/201537710/10/2015Hp Officejet 5500
Viewsonic 2 Driver List8/13/201527710/10/2015Zenzen
Nokia 4 Driver List10/9/201527510/12/2015Nokia 6234 Usb Obex
Jgnkl Driver List9/6/201535310/9/20153g Applications Interface Com20
Intelr Driver List8/30/201532310/10/2015Znkch
Laser Driver List8/1/201526410/9/2015Winfast Disk 20 Driver
Gv1120b Driver List9/22/201534910/12/2015Synaptics Wireless Touchpad
Novatel 2 Driver List10/7/201534910/9/2015Korg R3
Displaylink Driver List10/3/201533710/9/20151ingeru1
Zonehk Driver List9/18/201526910/12/2015Hp Color Laserjet Enterprise Flow Mfp M880 Dot4
Ag315e2 Driver List7/29/201535910/8/2015Tvm Supersync 5a
Ricoh Driver List9/9/201530410/9/2015Usb Touchscreen Controller72f6
Gxcr Driver List7/10/201530710/12/2015Brother Mfc 5860cn Usb Removabledisk
Fujitsu 2 Driver List9/11/201526210/12/2015Usb Touchscreen Controllera109
Brother 2 Driver List10/10/201537710/7/2015Winfast Gt 240nvidia
Lan Driver List9/18/201534610/7/2015Displaylink Display Adapter 413e
Zodyxc Driver List9/18/201534910/11/2015Hp Laserjet 5200lx Dot4par
Usb Driver List8/20/201525510/9/2015Orinoco Wan Ndis Miniport Driver
Wan Driver List10/11/201526610/7/2015Fb7390 192168040
Controleur Driver List10/3/201526410/10/2015Samsung Scx 4x28 Series
Creatix Driver List10/4/201535610/12/2015Zkriv Z8hi74t2 Scsi Cdrom Device
Hp 3 Driver List9/26/201532010/12/2015Pci Flash Memory Redirecionado
Pe988c Driver List8/5/201536310/11/2015Casque Idt High Definition Audio Codec
Viewsonic 3 Driver List9/20/201529310/10/2015Nokia 3230 Usb Generic
Usb 2 Driver List8/4/201529910/10/2015Pro For Notebooks
Audio Driver List10/11/201525510/11/2015Bda Ipsink
Yh9132t Driver List9/15/201527910/12/2015Perle Speed1 Le1p Parallel Port
Yjez Driver List9/25/201525310/10/2015Pci 4025a Multi Io Adapter
Intel 3 Driver List10/7/201536310/8/2015Ofc Drive
Yjm Driver List9/19/201537010/12/2015Ylafk Kd2r81ejwxi3 Scsi Cdrom Device
Usb 3 Driver List10/7/201535310/11/2015Application2 Port
Uds9908 Driver List10/4/201535610/12/2015Amd Radeon Hd 7470a Graphics
Fujitsu 3 Driver List10/1/201537010/8/2015Displaylink Display Adapter 03be
Lg Driver List9/15/201529910/9/2015Yt9543w Cvl730w Scsi Cdrom Device
Ohi Driver List8/30/201531210/10/2015Displaylink Display Adapter 0251
Brother 3 Driver List9/25/201528610/8/2015Fujitsu Mhz2320bh Ffs G1 Ata Device
Zgzi Driver List10/6/201535910/9/2015Videomate Saa716x Avstream Video Capture
Zihwvk Driver List8/13/201527910/10/2015Standardn Modem 9600 Bs 3
Parallel Driver List9/13/201525510/10/2015Vcb Piz4dqb Scsi Cdrom Device
Motorola Driver List9/29/201529310/12/2015Fqxyfe N8tqvcpif Scsi Cdrom Device
Sierra Driver List10/10/201530210/9/2015Comtrol Rs 232 P103
Tm6200 Driver List10/4/201530910/10/2015Amd Radeon Hd 6800m Series
Zhel Driver List8/27/201527310/9/2015Xctknwp Fgtef8l63s Scsi Cdrom Device
Viewsonic 4 Driver List10/6/201529510/9/2015Laser Printer 46 Ps3
Zqhyd Driver List9/3/201525710/8/2015Xcdw Dmbsxqr8xq Scsi Cdrom Device
Lg 2 Driver List10/11/201536610/9/2015Xecuter Ck3i Usb Controller Com4
Rizz Driver List9/14/201533410/11/2015Usb Touchscreen Controllera4fb
Jg1086q Driver List7/26/201528210/9/2015Awy5ubiy Ide Controller
Hewlett Driver List10/4/201528610/9/2015Zwfa Jstmv8d278 Scsi Cdrom Device
Usb 4 Driver List10/5/201530910/7/2015Xedcrmd T6nglm7 Scsi Cdrom Device
Rita Driver List9/10/201530710/11/2015Gm Matrix C 8 Nvidia High Definition Audio
Rirines Driver List9/27/201529910/8/2015Usb Touchscreen Controllera7a7
Yuri Driver List10/12/201532510/11/2015Rima6
Rildo Driver List10/6/201526010/10/2015Qualcomm Command Control Port Com59
Nokia 5 Driver List8/14/201526810/10/2015Frio18
Vcxu Driver List8/16/201534910/9/2015Xircom Serial Port
Rsrcbw Driver List10/4/201534310/9/2015Priphriq
Jgfqnib Driver List8/11/201533410/10/2015Usb Touchscreen Controlleraba8
Linotronic Driver List9/20/201533110/11/2015Olicard160application4 Port Com27
You Driver List10/4/201533710/12/2015Xavwze R0pajwx Scsi Cdrom Device
Barnes Driver List9/24/201537710/10/2015Fritzbox Fon Wlan 7390 O2 1921681781
Aisrftdf Driver List10/11/201525710/9/2015Olicard Notification Com30
Usb 5 Driver List9/11/201532310/9/2015Amd Radeon Hd 6310 Graphics Microsoft Corporation Wddm V120
Apple Driver List10/9/201526810/12/2015Compaq Au814aa Acj Cq3020il
Dell Driver List9/29/201525510/9/2015Gateway 3023gb
Hp 4 Driver List9/23/201527910/10/2015Ibm 6218z18
Lg 3 Driver List9/3/201525310/12/2015Msi Dk 7529
Packard-bell Driver List10/10/201530410/11/2015Sony Pcg Fr215sit
Wipro Driver List10/11/201527310/9/2015Pd3950 Usb To P Net Interface Com4
Ps Driver List10/1/201525710/10/2015Hp Deskjet 1510 Series Usb
Brother 4 Driver List9/6/201528810/9/2015Intelr Nm10 Family Lpc Interface Controller 27bc
Linux Driver List9/27/201532310/10/2015Amd Radeon Hd 7400g
Amd Driver List10/3/201528810/12/2015Ati Mobility Radeon 9000 Igp
Ati Driver List9/13/201530710/9/2015Hightech Excalibur Radeon 9200 Vivo Secondary
Radeon Driver List9/16/201533110/9/2015Videocontroller Vga Compatibel
Ati 2 Driver List10/11/201537710/8/2015Cirrus Logic 5446 Adaptador Compatible
Creative Driver List9/28/201532810/7/2015Nvidia Geforce Fx 5200le Cnbeta Tweak For Nvidia 40
Nvidia 2 Driver List10/1/201528610/8/2015Nvidia Quadro Fx 2800m
Diamond Driver List9/21/201531410/10/2015Ibm 6230qqu
Wdf Driver List9/28/201529710/10/2015Toshiba Dynabook T451 57dwd
Logitech Driver List8/10/201525110/9/2015Msi Notebook Pr211
Compaq Driver List9/11/201532810/9/2015Rocketfish Wireless Headset
Panasonic Driver List9/3/201525510/10/2015Wdc Wd40 0bb 00jhc0 Usb Device
Hp 5 Driver List10/10/201529510/12/2015Hp Compaq Nx6310 Rh339et Aby
Foma Driver List8/29/201531410/10/2015Ati I O Communications Processor Lpc Controller
Lenovo Driver List10/8/201526910/9/2015Ecs P55h Ak
Panasonic 2 Driver List9/15/201531410/7/2015Hp 23 D115d
Hp 6 Driver List9/14/201535610/10/2015Fujitsu Fmvd53lb2
Hp 7 Driver List9/22/201527110/10/2015Lexmark International Lexmark E320
Adtm210 Driver List9/25/201525310/11/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T410 2537v7n
Toshiba Driver List10/1/201527510/7/2015Satawire
Panasonic 3 Driver List9/1/201526210/12/2015Medion Ms 7311
M Driver List10/7/201526810/12/2015Msi Ms Ac9111
Lg 4 Driver List10/3/201534610/12/2015Souris Microsoft Usb Wheel Mouse Optical
Viewplus Driver List10/2/201531210/9/2015Edgeport Serial Port 1 Com6
Dell 2 Driver List8/31/201526210/9/2015Belkin 11mbps Wireless Desktop Network Card
Buffalo Driver List9/3/201527510/8/2015Sundance St201 Based Pci Fast Ethernet Adapter
Gateway Driver List9/22/201533710/12/2015Intelr Ethernet Server Adapter X520 T2
Intelr 2 Driver List9/7/201531410/10/2015Au Cal21 Usb Network Cdc Ncm Ethernet Drivers Ndis 5
Carte Driver List7/31/201527710/12/2015Sis191 Ethernet Controller
Nokia 6 Driver List10/1/201533410/7/2015Gigabyte Gn Ws53hn Wireless Lan Mini Pci Express Adapter
Qualcomm Driver List10/3/201529910/8/2015Gigabyte Wpkg Pci Wlan Card
Wlan Driver List10/10/201534910/10/2015Netopia 80211b Wlan Usb Adapter
Smc2835w Driver List9/18/201530210/10/2015D Link Dfe 551fx 100base Fx Fiber Pci Adapter
Toshiba 2 Driver List8/31/201528810/12/2015Teamboard3 Usb Updd
Intelr 3 Driver List9/18/201526410/12/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M81 0385a74
Bartec Driver List9/27/201528210/10/2015Toshiba X86 Acpi Compliant Value Added Logical And General Purpose Device
Gateway 2 Driver List9/28/201526610/9/2015Hda Cx11254 Soft Modem
Gigabyte Driver List10/11/201529710/9/2015Nokia N95
Hp 8 Driver List8/20/201529310/10/2015Conexant High Definition Smartaudio Hd2
Matshita Driver List9/20/201531410/12/2015Korg Microkey 61
Lg 5 Driver List10/1/201526910/9/2015Intelr 945g Gz P Pl Processor To I O Controller 2770
Hp 9 Driver List7/18/201534310/11/2015Stenograph Writer Serial Port Com3
Packard-bell 2 Driver List9/26/201529710/7/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T520 4243cto
Hp 10 Driver List9/8/201532510/12/2015Konica Minolta 215 Wsd Scanner
Hp 11 Driver List10/1/201525310/9/2015Hp Vn286aa Uuw S5220sc
Sony Driver List10/3/201532310/12/2015Asus Bp5242
Asus Driver List8/14/201536310/11/2015Asus N82jv
Asus 2 Driver List9/27/201526010/9/2015Asus X75vc
Tecnologic Driver List10/8/201530710/9/2015Md Slimline Wdm Dsc Bulk Driver
Nec Driver List9/26/201534310/11/2015Intelr 8 Series C220 Series Usb Enhanced Host Controller 2 8c2d
Usb 6 Driver List8/14/201536610/10/2015American-megatrends 775s61
7mp Driver List10/5/201536610/12/2015Nokia 3208c Bluetooth Modem
Biostar Driver List7/23/201526010/10/2015Ibm Thinkpad T41 2373s17
Oki Driver List8/25/201530410/10/2015Lucent Technologies Soft Modem Amr
Lenovo 2 Driver List10/6/201526810/9/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre Edge 92z 3414d2g
Fujitsu 4 Driver List9/16/201532010/10/2015Samsung Android Sgh T999
Hp 12 Driver List10/11/201532810/8/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre A61e 6418a23
U Driver List9/16/201531710/11/2015Panasonic Cf 53jawzgff
Ibm Driver List9/19/201534910/7/2015Acer Aspire M7721
Lenovo 3 Driver List9/1/201527910/9/2015Hp Photosmart A630 Series
Ibm 2 Driver List10/11/201532510/12/2015Port Jeu Standard
Logitech 2 Driver List10/4/201528410/11/2015Jenoptik Jd C 31 Sl Digital Camera
Exo Driver List7/26/201530210/12/2015Hp Compaq 6710b Gf930aw Abu
Microsoft Driver List8/19/201529310/10/2015Ibm Thinkcentre A30 843484a
Adaptec Driver List9/25/201537410/9/2015Exper Flexdex108
Gateway 3 Driver List9/28/201530210/11/2015Acer Aspire Z5750
Micronpc Driver List9/13/201528810/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T400 6474aw6
Parallel 2 Driver List10/1/201525510/11/2015Guitar Rig Session I O
Controller Driver List10/9/201537410/12/2015Konica Minolta Pagepro 1350w
Handy Driver List10/10/201528610/11/2015Ibm Thinkpad T43 2686dhu
Xenolink Driver List10/4/201526010/7/2015Controladora De Almacenamiento Masivo
Greatwall Driver List10/4/201533110/10/2015Epson B40w Series
Lenovo 4 Driver List7/8/201531410/9/2015Hp Compaq Nx7010 Pg588ea Abe
Toshiba 3 Driver List10/12/201533110/7/2015Epsonstylus Color 580
Panasonic 4 Driver List10/4/201535310/9/2015Sony Svf15218snb
Minix Driver List9/15/201529510/10/2015Elektor Rfid Reader
Nec 2 Driver List9/22/201527310/7/2015Hp Compaq Nx6110 Py497ea Acq
Hp 13 Driver List10/12/201534610/10/2015Panasonic Cf 48s4thupm
Lenovo 5 Driver List9/7/201527510/11/2015Buympc X3100
Hp 14 Driver List8/27/201534010/11/2015Sony Pcg Fr285mgb
Hp 15 Driver List10/8/201534610/10/2015Jabra Go 64x0 Dfu Mode
Pds Driver List10/11/201529910/10/2015Mp3player Uni:nextway Usb For Win2000 Xp
Lenovo 6 Driver List9/28/201529910/10/2015Ibm Thinkpad R52 1859b9u
Dtk Driver List8/5/201533110/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T500 2089wkm
Lenovo 7 Driver List9/18/201533410/9/2015Ati I O Communications Processor Smbus Denetleyici
Ergo Driver List10/8/201537410/12/2015Hp 120 1135
Panasonic 5 Driver List9/21/201526810/10/2015Fi 6225dj
Plantronics Driver List10/12/201534610/9/2015Bluemedia Bm 5503 Usb20 Adapter Firmware Loader
Mfprintersfx Driver List8/28/201535910/7/2015Lenovo 6074wbr
Lenovo 8 Driver List10/8/201525810/10/2015Ds A650
Compaq 2 Driver List10/9/201530710/10/2015Hp S5 1210b
Fujitsu 5 Driver List9/6/201526210/10/2015Ambit V90v92 Softk56 Amr Modem Ssid24461054
Brother 5 Driver List9/13/201532810/12/2015Texas In Struments Incom Usb Device
Memorystickpro0 Driver List10/3/201525810/9/2015Edge Guardian Usb Device
Toshiba 4 Driver List9/23/201526610/10/2015Vestax Vci 400 Audio
Lenovo 9 Driver List9/27/201526410/12/2015Mfp Server Enhanced Controller
Fujitsu 6 Driver List9/14/201525710/10/2015Lg R580 Kard9wt
Fujitsu 7 Driver List8/19/201533710/11/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T400 6475bq9
Konica Driver List10/10/201527310/7/2015Lenovo 6464wyd
Hp 16 Driver List10/11/201536310/9/2015Hp P6 2001nlm
Hp 17 Driver List9/27/201529010/12/2015Nec Pc Ls550bs2ks
Lg 6 Driver List10/12/201528810/12/2015Toshiba Satellite L750d A269
Ibm 3 Driver List9/20/201529310/11/2015Intelr Xeonr E5 V3 Core I7 Pci Express Root Port 3 2f0a
Tt24 Driver List8/14/201537010/8/2015Sony Vgn Tt16gn B
Lenovo 10 Driver List7/11/201531410/12/2015Lexmark C532 Ps Ms
Hp 18 Driver List9/29/201533410/12/2015Lg Rd560 Cadpme
Gt Driver List10/11/201535610/11/2015Kodak Dc260 Digital Camera
Integrated Driver List10/12/201528210/11/2015Franklin Hs Diagnostic Port Com13
At Driver List8/1/201525710/9/2015Nokia E75
Fujitsu 8 Driver List9/29/201526210/8/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M57e 9481a11
Arcelik Driver List9/27/201527110/10/2015Lg F1 2a4de
Asus 3 Driver List9/2/201530710/12/2015Dell St2220lhdmi
Lenovo 11 Driver List10/6/201533410/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad R60e 0658bj1
Lenovo 12 Driver List9/28/201527910/11/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M70e 0806b3u
Lenovo 13 Driver List10/11/201532310/8/2015Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E520 11438vg
Lenovo 14 Driver List7/29/201532010/11/2015Lenovo Thinkpad X60 1706wag
Lenovo 15 Driver List10/9/201537410/12/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T60 1952z6d
Lenovo 16 Driver List10/9/201530910/11/2015Lenovo 2007wu2
Lenovo 17 Driver List9/10/201534610/12/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T500 2055rv2
Lenovo 18 Driver List10/10/201526210/10/2015Lenovo 20b00004mb
Lenovo 19 Driver List10/3/201533110/12/2015Lenovo Thinkpad X230 23256e7
Lenovo 20 Driver List10/9/201532510/12/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T430 2347by3
Lenovo 21 Driver List9/1/201535310/11/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T430 2350b47
Lenovo 22 Driver List10/9/201525710/9/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T530 23942u1
Lenovo 23 Driver List10/6/201528410/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad L430 24653w6
Lenovo 24 Driver List10/9/201536610/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T410 25375k1
Lenovo 25 Driver List9/16/201529510/11/2015Lenovo Thinkpad L512 2550a43
Lenovo 26 Driver List10/9/201537410/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad Sl400 2743a45
Lenovo 27 Driver List8/20/201534310/7/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T400 2768c91
Lenovo 28 Driver List10/3/201526210/7/2015Lenovo Thinkpad Sl510 2875rz4
Lenovo 29 Driver List9/18/201533110/9/2015Lenovo 3209bw2
Lenovo 30 Driver List10/5/201535910/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E535 3260ebg
Lenovo 31 Driver List10/9/201529510/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad X131e 33671e2
Lenovo 32 Driver List9/19/201530410/12/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre Edge 72 3484bcg
Lenovo 33 Driver List10/4/201528610/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad X201 3626ws3
Lenovo 34 Driver List7/24/201528210/11/2015Lenovo Thinkpad W500 40612zg
Lenovo 35 Driver List10/2/201527110/7/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T420s 4174w4z
Lenovo 36 Driver List10/1/201535910/12/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T420 4236b88
Lenovo 37 Driver List9/27/201530210/11/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T520 4242nk9
Lenovo 38 Driver List9/15/201528410/9/2015Lenovo Thinkpad X220 429043e
Lenovo 39 Driver List9/27/201530410/11/2015Lenovo Thinkpad X220 4293w23
Lenovo 40 Driver List9/17/201530710/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T510 4384v8m
Lenovo 41 Driver List7/11/201534610/12/2015Lenovo Thinkpad L520 5016w6j
Lenovo 42 Driver List10/10/201529510/11/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M57 6069a33
Lenovo 43 Driver List10/8/201527510/9/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M58p 6137dv9
Lenovo 44 Driver List9/21/201527310/7/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T61p 645785m
Lenovo 45 Driver List8/2/201529510/8/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T400 6474av8
Lenovo 46 Driver List8/21/201532510/8/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M55e 6490a92
Lenovo 47 Driver List8/27/201534910/9/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M58p 7357w2v
Lenovo 48 Driver List10/7/201527510/11/2015Lenovo Thinkpad R400 7440wzk
Lenovo 49 Driver List10/7/201525510/12/2015Lenovo Thinkpad X200s 7469b55
Lenovo 50 Driver List10/9/201530910/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad R61e 7650efg
Lenovo 51 Driver List8/18/201526410/10/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T61 766312g
Lenovo 52 Driver List10/3/201529010/11/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre A58 77057kg
Lenovo 53 Driver List7/22/201534610/9/2015Lenovo 3000 J105 Desktop 8258hbu
Lenovo 54 Driver List9/28/201526410/12/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M55 8807cto
Lenovo 55 Driver List8/22/201531710/9/2015Lenovo Thinkpad T61 8895w9d
Lenovo 56 Driver List10/11/201536610/8/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M57p 9164w4u
Lenovo 57 Driver List10/1/201528410/7/2015Lenovo Thinkpad R60 9445a12
Lenovo 58 Driver List8/10/201536610/10/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M55e 9637j5g
Lenovo 59 Driver List10/2/201526410/12/2015Lenovo Thinkcentre M58 9960anu
Lenovo 60 Driver List9/10/201532010/9/2015Dlr Mid
Pci Driver List8/22/201534910/8/2015Toshiba Dynabook E7 518cme
Intelr 4 Driver List9/27/201537710/7/2015Lg Lw65 Kvvv3
Intel 4 Driver List9/21/201526210/9/2015Samsung Qx308 Qx408 Qx508 Sf308 Sf408 Sf508
Fujitsu 9 Driver List9/21/201534310/11/2015Via Telecom Cbp Usb Modem
Alpha Driver List8/8/201536310/12/2015Advance Vission 9856dam
Packard-bell 3 Driver List9/25/201534610/10/2015Ibm 2374htg
Packard-bell 4 Driver List10/5/201529910/10/2015Fujitsu Fmvxn3a11
Creative 2 Driver List10/1/201526810/11/2015Nec Pc Vy20cnthy
Ibm 4 Driver List10/11/201533710/8/2015Peristyle Porvja2
Avermedia Driver List9/9/201529710/8/2015Hp Dt041a Aba A404x
Fujitsu 10 Driver List10/8/201531710/9/2015Hp Compaq Nx9420 Rh442et Abf
Ibm 5 Driver List7/15/201525810/12/2015Nec Pc My21aezf59s3
Hp 19 Driver List10/2/201525310/10/2015005sh Usb Control
Ibm 6 Driver List9/16/201529710/10/2015Packard-bell Ipower 6500
Sony 2 Driver List9/25/201529310/10/2015Laptop Integrated Webcam Fhd
Sony 3 Driver List10/12/201527910/10/2015Toshiba Dynabook Tx 66jbl
Sony 4 Driver List7/26/201535610/12/2015Epson St100
Ibm 7 Driver List10/10/201534910/11/2015Glidepoint 35 Usb Smart Cat Pro Mercury
Usb 7 Driver List8/28/201528210/11/2015Bip Hid
Nec 3 Driver List10/7/201525810/12/2015Saitek Gamers Keyboard Command Pad Hid
Hp 20 Driver List10/7/201536610/7/2015Leica Dfc425 Camera
The Driver List9/25/201526010/11/2015T-systems T Systems Pc P5ld2 Vm C
Gateway 4 Driver List9/3/201527110/10/2015Konica Minoltac360 Series
Easylink Driver List9/19/201527310/12/2015Hp Pavilion Dv8000 Ek783ea Abf
Fujitsu 11 Driver List8/28/201528810/12/2015My Book Live Network Media Server
Hp 21 Driver List9/18/201528410/11/2015Hp Scanjet G4050
Fujitsu 12 Driver List8/7/201530410/11/2015Hp P6625f
Line Driver List10/6/201525310/10/2015Vwhuz Xe3ct678he Scsi Cdrom Device
Fujitsu 13 Driver List8/16/201535610/7/2015Medialas Hyperport
Hp 22 Driver List9/6/201525310/12/2015Lg A520 Pac7bt
Hp 23 Driver List9/9/201526010/9/2015Foma P01b Command Port Com11
Standaard Driver List8/19/201527310/9/2015Alienware 14
Usb 8 Driver List9/29/201530910/9/2015Aidcall Comms Driver Virtual Com Com22
S2201w Driver List9/28/201526910/7/2015Edirol Ua 101 Usb1
Hl Driver List10/10/201529310/11/2015Sony Vgn Ns330d
Ncstech Driver List10/10/201526810/7/2015Leading-edge Lecq23grad
Ibyte Driver List9/12/201526010/9/2015Compaq Deskpro Sff Series
Displaylink 2 Driver List10/1/201529510/10/2015Hp Smart Install Usb Device
Sony 5 Driver List10/9/201528610/9/2015Compaq Rr495aa Abe Sr2149es
Dell 3 Driver List8/31/201531210/9/2015Epson Artisan710 Px710 Tx710
Gt 2 Driver List9/24/201532310/10/2015Sony Vpcf22kfx
Polycom Driver List9/3/201533410/9/2015Fujitsu Fmvk01001
Fujitsu 14 Driver List10/10/201528210/12/2015Foma Sh03e Obex Port Com8
Packard-bell 5 Driver List8/20/201533710/9/2015Nec Pc Vy24aez76
Rrc1258 Driver List10/3/201535610/11/2015Intelr C600 X79 Series Chipsatz Virtueller Pci Express Stammport 1d3e
Acer Driver List9/4/201531710/10/2015Fujitsu Fmvlx50h
Lanix Driver List10/6/201526910/12/2015Creative Audiopci Es1370 Sb Pci 64 128 Wdm
Packard-bell 6 Driver List7/19/201529910/9/2015Kyocera F 1010
V233h Driver List8/26/201536310/9/2015Sony Svs13a25pwb
Fujitsu 15 Driver List8/11/201526210/10/2015Atermit42 128k Support Usb Standard
Sony 6 Driver List10/6/201529510/10/2015Sony Vpccw15ecu
Toshiba 5 Driver List9/5/201525510/11/2015Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio F20 575ls
Toshiba 6 Driver List9/25/201529310/10/2015Toshiba Dynabook Ss Rx2 Tj140e 2w
Toshiba 7 Driver List9/28/201534310/11/2015Toshiba Equium 3530
Toshiba 8 Driver List9/23/201536310/9/2015Toshiba Satellite A200 24e
Toshiba 9 Driver List10/9/201526910/11/2015Toshiba Satellite C55 A 1gj
Toshiba 10 Driver List8/25/201531210/9/2015Toshiba Satellite C850 B531
Toshiba 11 Driver List10/8/201532310/9/2015Toshiba Satellite C855 1tk
Toshiba 12 Driver List9/28/201525310/8/2015Toshiba Satellite C870 1hd
Toshiba 13 Driver List10/9/201527510/9/2015Toshiba Satellite L850 119
Toshiba 14 Driver List10/2/201525310/9/2015Toshiba Satellite M70
Toshiba 15 Driver List9/23/201527110/12/2015Toshiba Satellite Prro P300
Toshiba 16 Driver List9/26/201533110/10/2015Sony Ericsson Device 0016 Usb Wmc Device Management
Ibm 8 Driver List9/15/201525110/10/2015Wex Pager Id Writer Driver
Lg 7 Driver List9/17/201536310/11/2015Lg T35msare525
Hp 24 Driver List9/27/201530910/11/2015Lg B55pvas3501d
Lg 8 Driver List10/6/201528610/12/2015Lg Lm50 21az
Lg 9 Driver List10/1/201532810/8/2015Lg P420 Ke45k
Lg 10 Driver List9/12/201536310/12/2015Lg R570 Ke2wk
Lg 11 Driver List10/10/201526810/10/2015Lg S510 Gcbcbg
Lg 12 Driver List9/11/201535610/10/2015Lg Z1 A2007
Lg 13 Driver List9/2/201526210/10/2015Sony Vgn Z540p
Seneca Driver List10/6/201526610/9/2015Panasonic Cf 52je2vwvw
Au Driver List10/7/201526010/10/2015Syncmaster 2443bwplus Bwxplus Fwplus Fwxplus Bwtplusdigital
Ncr Driver List10/6/201532310/9/2015Dell Latitude E5440
Dell 4 Driver List9/22/201530910/9/2015Fujitsu Fmvme46573
Toshiba 17 Driver List10/1/201528410/11/2015Emachines Emd442
Compaq 3 Driver List10/10/201535910/11/2015Cirrus Logic Cs4206a Ab 71
Sony 7 Driver List9/19/201531710/9/2015Nec Pc Gv247adav
Sony 8 Driver List9/24/201534310/9/2015Actisense Usg Usb Serial Gateway
Ibm 9 Driver List8/13/201531210/12/2015Hp Compaq Nc4010 Dy881aa Abu
Snap Driver List9/16/201530710/9/2015Hp Signageplayer Mp8200s
Acer 2 Driver List8/31/201526810/9/2015Pantech Uml295 Nmea Port Com6
Fujitsu 16 Driver List10/6/201526210/10/2015Hp D530 Sffdq410s
Hp 25 Driver List9/28/201530910/10/2015Pcnet Dc3217iye
Cinergy Driver List10/2/201531410/9/2015Hp Wc960aa Abf P6335f
Fujitsu 17 Driver List10/6/201527110/8/2015Amd Raid Config Device
Ibm 10 Driver List9/25/201527910/7/2015Acer Travelmate 4750
Hp 26 Driver List10/8/201529010/10/2015Nokia 5220
Microsoft 2 Driver List10/9/201526010/12/2015Ibm Netvista Personal Computer 831081u
Brother 6 Driver List10/12/201526810/10/2015Baltech Usb Reader Com3
Sesi Driver List9/14/201532010/8/2015Fujitsu Fmvxd0b72
Ibm 11 Driver List10/1/201534310/8/2015Acer Nc V3 771g 32324g75maii
Sis 2 Driver List9/27/201531210/12/2015Vpr-matrix Personal Compute
Msi Driver List10/4/201536610/9/2015Compaq Er028aa Abh Sr1627nl Nl540
Benq Driver List8/26/201535610/12/2015Sennheiser Btd 800 Usb For Lync
Plt Driver List8/29/201535910/12/2015Samsun R610
Nec 4 Driver List9/22/201525510/10/2015Hp Wc821aa Abh P6310nl
Mitsubishi Driver List10/9/201536310/11/2015Sony Vgn T340p
Usb 9 Driver List9/22/201528410/12/2015Hp Nc741aa Acj Iq528d
Seneca 2 Driver List10/6/201528410/11/2015Hh Tsp Drdrkm G R8124b Ata Device
Packard-bell 7 Driver List9/3/201525510/12/2015Packard-bell Easynote Mx52 B 032
Packard-bell 8 Driver List8/3/201537710/9/2015Packard-bell Imedia D3600 Nc
Packard-bell 9 Driver List10/7/201534010/12/2015Packard-bell Ipower X9230
Packard-bell 10 Driver List10/6/201527910/7/2015Packard-bell Packard Bell F607 Hg
Gateway 5 Driver List10/8/201531710/9/2015Gateway 600ygr
Gateway 6 Driver List9/27/201531710/9/2015Gateway Ne56r
Gateway 7 Driver List8/17/201529910/11/2015Zoostorm 7010 0007e
Dixon Driver List9/24/201529310/8/2015Packard-bell Packard Bell Imedia 3511
Hp 27 Driver List9/18/201527710/9/2015Sony Sve1111m1rb
Ibm 12 Driver List9/22/201532310/11/2015Hp P6370a Aba 7936
Ibm 13 Driver List9/29/201527310/10/2015Sony Vgn Cs33m Q
Canon Driver List9/28/201535610/10/2015Flydvb T Duo
Monster Driver List9/10/201525810/12/2015Zte Handset Diagnostic Interfacedfu Com3
Sony 9 Driver List8/11/201530710/12/2015Hp Pavilion Dv5000 Rg954ea Aby
Compaq 4 Driver List7/30/201528210/7/2015Druckeranschluss Lpt1
Sony 10 Driver List10/5/201527910/9/2015Hp Compaq Dc5100 Mtpz599ua
Acer 3 Driver List9/1/201530710/11/2015Philips Spc640nc Pc Camera; Composite A V Device
Sony 11 Driver List8/16/201526610/12/2015Ibm 2525f5g
Samsung 2 Driver List9/28/201530410/12/2015Sony Vpccw1igx
Coolpad Driver List9/4/201535310/11/2015Ccr 70
Packard-bell 11 Driver List9/3/201532510/9/2015Webcam Sc 13hdl11739s
Panasonic 6 Driver List8/27/201537010/12/2015Emachines D727
Ergovision Driver List9/22/201526010/10/2015Hp Kn472aa Acb A6421ru
Nvd Driver List10/10/201526910/9/2015Hewlett Packard Designjet 500 C7769b
Fujitsu 18 Driver List9/15/201525310/9/2015Sony Vpcea36fh
Hp 28 Driver List8/22/201534310/12/2015Fujitsu Fmvns5c8
Hp 29 Driver List9/26/201535610/9/2015Hellermann Ttm430
Dell 5 Driver List9/6/201530210/8/2015Ibm Thinkpad R52 18466bc
Compaq 5 Driver List10/4/201532310/12/2015Kyocera Fs 1320mfp Gx
Nec 5 Driver List9/22/201525810/9/2015Hp Pj619av Aba A710e
Hp 30 Driver List9/24/201526010/12/2015Sony Vpcec2c5e
Hp 31 Driver List9/15/201529010/10/2015Hp Nc196aa Uuw Iq522sc
S3 Driver List9/7/201525510/10/2015Foma F09b
Ibm 14 Driver List8/26/201533710/8/2015Hp 23 F200ej
Hp 32 Driver List8/16/201530910/9/2015Canon Mvx460
Fujitsu 19 Driver List8/22/201525710/7/2015Hp 20 B021a
Supermicro Driver List10/9/201527510/7/2015Ibm 8172luu
Hp 33 Driver List10/10/201526810/10/2015Philips 170cw 17inch Wide Lcd Monitor 170cw8
Surface Driver List10/9/201530710/9/2015Nec Pc Vy10fbhezwhl
Htc Driver List9/26/201526410/11/2015Witnessxp Pci3 Device Audio Server Capture
Sony 12 Driver List10/3/201534610/11/2015Sierra Wireless Application Port 1 Umts
Ibm 15 Driver List8/23/201528210/12/2015Zdesigner Zt230 300dpi Zpl
Packard-bell 12 Driver List8/13/201534310/7/2015Lca Sv Ps01a4 Farb Cp4025 Ps Og1
Acer 4 Driver List10/1/201534310/10/2015Compaq Evo N620c De262a Abz
Fujitsu 20 Driver List9/21/201533710/10/2015Usb Data Buffer
Compaq 6 Driver List10/1/201530710/7/2015Wipro Wsg68805w7 0160
Hewlett 2 Driver List9/22/201532310/11/2015Epson Endeavor At992e
Hp 34 Driver List7/24/201532510/12/2015Slimtype Esau108 5 Usb Device
Intelr 5 Driver List8/31/201531210/10/2015Ibm 2669wsf
Acer 5 Driver List10/6/201533410/12/2015Keyence N Ub Com4
Asus 4 Driver List10/9/201535610/10/2015Hp D7217e Aba 0792
Sony 13 Driver List9/6/201536610/11/2015Elv Clip Rufnummernerkennung Cre 100
Hp 35 Driver List9/25/201528610/11/2015Pegatron H36ff
Gigabyte 2 Driver List8/7/201528410/12/2015Hp Rx885aar Aba A6000
Dvd Driver List8/15/201533410/12/2015Sony Pcg Gr214mpfr
Canon 2 Driver List10/3/201527110/8/2015Teac Dv W28e R Ata Device
Traqmate Driver List10/9/201531710/9/2015Hp Compaq 6730s Na823es
Vf0700 Driver List10/2/201527510/9/2015Hp Ew104aa B1u D4455se
Powerspec Driver List10/10/201525110/12/2015Witness 3404hs Audio Device 9
Ibm 16 Driver List10/1/201533410/11/2015Iiyama Mt 9221 Visionmasterpro
Fujitsu 21 Driver List9/23/201528810/12/2015Nec Mate
Nec 6 Driver List8/5/201535910/10/2015Nec Pc Ln500rg6w
Nec 7 Driver List9/21/201537710/9/2015Nec Pc My18lrzedu84
Nec 8 Driver List8/25/201525810/10/2015Nec Pc Vj17mfs5rfx5
Nec 9 Driver List8/30/201526610/7/2015Nec Pc Vy10achezsd4
Nec 10 Driver List10/9/201526210/11/2015Aopen Cd Rw Crw5224 Ata Device
Benq 2 Driver List10/12/201529710/12/2015Hl Dt St Dvd Ram Gsa H60l Ata Device
Hp 36 Driver List8/10/201529710/8/2015Lite On Dvdrw Shw 1635s Ata Device
Matshita 2 Driver List9/10/201525110/7/2015Philips Cdrw2412a Ata Device
Ricoh 2 Driver List7/15/201529010/11/2015Tsstcorp Cd Rom Ts L162cn Ata Device
Tsstcorp Driver List10/6/201532810/9/2015Konica Minolta 195 Pcl Xps
Zdesigner Driver List9/14/201529910/12/2015Emachines Emachines E642
Sony 14 Driver List10/9/201529710/7/2015Positivo Ti945gsebe
Sony 15 Driver List8/12/201531410/9/2015Ibm Infoprint 1512 Ps3
Brother 7 Driver List10/4/201530210/11/2015Canon Inkjet Ip6700d
Canon 3 Driver List9/11/201528410/10/2015Epson Cc 570l
Epson Driver List9/26/201530710/8/2015Fax Hp Officejet Pro X476dn Mfp
Hp 37 Driver List8/25/201526410/12/2015Intermec Pb51 203 Dpi Dp
Lexmark Driver List8/4/201526010/11/2015Canon Lbp 850 Lips4
Nrg Driver List10/11/201532310/9/2015Ricoh Aficio Mp 2352 Pcl 6
Ricoh 3 Driver List10/4/201534010/12/2015Sharp Mx M260
Fx 4 Driver List10/5/201536610/10/2015Sony Sve1513aja
Panasonic 7 Driver List10/3/201528410/10/2015Ibm 714aul3
Fujitsu 22 Driver List8/26/201532010/10/2015Winnet Server 2003 Promise Fasttrak Tm Controller
Ncr 2 Driver List10/1/201526810/11/2015Canon Mp490 Ser
Ezonics Driver List10/11/201528610/12/2015Perfection1240
Nikon Driver List8/28/201529710/9/2015Huawei Y511 U251
Leica Driver List9/13/201535910/11/2015Namuga Camera
Usb1200 Driver List9/18/201528210/12/2015Dsc Wia Device 2320
Controlador Driver List8/11/201528610/10/2015N Trig Duosense Hid 1
Hp 38 Driver List10/11/201527510/8/2015M18x Disck
Packard-bell 13 Driver List10/9/201531410/12/2015Packard-bell Packard Bell Easynote Mx37 U 017
Hp 39 Driver List9/22/201527110/10/2015Focusrite Saffire Wdm Audio
Hp 40 Driver List10/9/201527910/11/2015Hp Photosmart D110 Seriesdot4usb
Hp 41 Driver List9/29/201525110/8/2015Controller Floppy
Tbs Driver List7/31/201529010/11/2015Controller Universal Host Usb Intelr Famiglia Ich8 2835
Ibm 17 Driver List9/24/201529010/9/2015Zp900
Alertegps Driver List8/18/201526210/10/2015Fujitsu Amilo M74255
Hp 42 Driver List9/28/201530210/7/2015Pci Atsc Hybrid Video Device
Hp 43 Driver List10/7/201529710/10/2015Microsoft Usb Gps Port
Hp 44 Driver List9/3/201535910/12/2015Compaq Pn211aa Aba Sr1200nx Na440
Ibm 18 Driver List9/30/201527310/9/2015Create Xt
Hp 45 Driver List10/10/201525110/12/2015Sony Vgc La1
Sky Driver List10/8/201529510/11/2015Hp H8 1447ez
Hp 46 Driver List8/30/201527310/12/2015Hp D530 Cmtdj734s
Smartkort Driver List8/19/201530410/12/2015Iriver T5
Hp 47 Driver List9/22/201527910/8/2015Fujitsu Fmvxde5k4z
Sony 16 Driver List10/4/201530210/10/2015Hp Bk169aa Aba Hpe 210f
Ibm 19 Driver List10/10/201529510/9/2015Hp Ka784aa Ab8 A6340t
Ibm 20 Driver List9/27/201528810/12/2015Hp Gg039aar Aba A6112
Hp 48 Driver List9/3/201532810/7/2015Hp Dreamscreen 400
Compaq 7 Driver List10/11/201527710/11/2015Ibm Thinkpad R51e 1843kc7
Ibm 21 Driver List9/5/201525710/12/2015Ibm 2669yj7
Ibm 22 Driver List10/10/201533710/11/2015Ibm Thinkcentre S50 8183vhs
Compaq 8 Driver List9/13/201536410/9/2015Sony Vgn Bz26v

Some Drivers Driver has been known to degrade a few other drivers

Below are system outputs uploaded by 6 of our registered downloader

They were all extracted from various Windows systems with an outdated or corrupted Some Drivers driver.

Output from 10/13/2015, Sony VPCYB35AG PC

Disfunctional drivers:5/14

Hardware Device and DriverOutputOutput ExplainedAutomaticly Installed
Usb Drivers
Microsoft Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB universeller Hostcontroller - 24C4Degraded By Some Drivers
Hard Disk Controller Drivers
ATI Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE ControllerFunctional
Mother Board Drivers
Intel(R) ICH8 Family PCI Express Root Port 2 - 2841Functional
Sound And Media Drivers
Realtek High Definition Audio DeviceDegraded By Some Drivers
Monitor Drivers
Sony Digital Flat Panel (1024x768)Degraded By Some Drivers
Network Drivers
Infineon RNDIS/Ethernet GadgetFunctional
Keyboard Drivers
Microsoft Keyboard Device FilterFunctional
Video Drivers
NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200Functional
Other Drivers
Nokia Nokia C6-00 USB PhonetFunctional
Mobiles And Portable Devices Drivers
Acer NOKIAFunctional
Port Drivers
Mobile Connector Device Application Interface (COM12)Degraded By Some Drivers
Mouse And Touchpad Devices Drivers
Microsoft Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 (IntelliPoint)Functional
Webcam And Scanner Devices Drivers
Canon CanoScan LiDE 110Functional
Input Drivers
Microsoft USB Human Interface DeviceDegraded By Some Drivers

Output from 10/13/2015, HP AU930AA-ACJ P6270i PC

Disfunctional drivers:3/14

Hardware Device and DriverOutputOutput ExplainedAutomaticly Installed
Usb Drivers
Apple Apple iPod USB DriverFunctional
Hard Disk Controller Drivers
NVIDIA NVIDIA MCP51 Parallel ATA ControllerFunctional
Mother Board Drivers
Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5 v2/Core i7 R2PCIe - 0E34Degraded By Some Drivers
Sound And Media Drivers
YUAN STK7700DDegraded By Some Drivers
Monitor Drivers
Sony Digital Flat Panel (1024x768)Functional
Network Drivers
Intel Ethernet ControllerFunctional
Keyboard Drivers
Microsoft Keyboard Device FilterFunctional
Video Drivers
NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce GT 630MFunctional
Other Drivers
NVIDIA Other PCI Bridge DeviceDegraded By Some Drivers
Mobiles And Portable Devices Drivers
Acer NOKIAFunctional
Port Drivers
Huawei Vodafone Mobile Broadband Secondary Port Modem (Huawei) (COM28)Functional
Mouse And Touchpad Devices Drivers
Logitech Logitech USB First/Pilot Mouse+Functional
Webcam And Scanner Devices Drivers
Realtek Realtek USB2.0 PC CameraFunctional
Input Drivers
Logitech HID-compliant consumer control deviceFunctional

Output from 10/13/2015, Sony SVS1513Z9EB PC

Disfunctional drivers:7/14

Hardware Device and DriverOutputOutput ExplainedAutomaticly Installed
Usb Drivers
LeapFrog LeapFrog TAGFunctional
Hard Disk Controller Drivers
Intel(R) ICH8 SATA AHCI Controller - 2824Disfunctional
Mother Board Drivers
Microsoft Intel(R) 82830 Prozessor-zu-E/A-Controller - 3575Degraded By Some Drivers
Sound And Media Drivers
NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.2)Functional
Monitor Drivers
Sony Digital Flat Panel (1024x768)Functional
Network Drivers
VIA VIA PCI 10/100Mb Fast EthernetadapterDegraded By Some Drivers
Keyboard Drivers
Microsoft HID KeyboardDegraded By Some Drivers
Video Drivers
ATI ATI Technologies, Inc. 3D RAGE PRO AGP 2XDegraded By Some Drivers
Other Drivers
Intel Intel(r) AIM External Flat Panel Driver 3Functional
Mobiles And Portable Devices Drivers
Acer NOKIAFunctional
Port Drivers
Microsoft Communications Port (COM1)Degraded By Some Drivers
Mouse And Touchpad Devices Drivers
Logicool HID mouseFunctional
Webcam And Scanner Devices Drivers
Canon Canon MP160Functional
Input Drivers
Logitech Logitech Wheel Mouse (USB)Degraded By Some Drivers

Output from 10/13/2015, ICP/iEi B199 PC

Disfunctional drivers:4/14

Hardware Device and DriverOutputOutput ExplainedAutomaticly Installed
Usb Drivers
Sony Ericsson Sony Ericsson Device 116 USB WMC Device Management (COM20)Disfunctional
Hard Disk Controller Drivers
Microsoft ULi M5229 PCI-Bus-Master-IDE-ControllerFunctional
Mother Board Drivers
Intel(R) 945G/GZ/P/PL Processor to I/O Controller - 2770Degraded By Some Drivers
Sound And Media Drivers
Realtek High Definition Audio-apparaatFunctional
Monitor Drivers
Sony Digital Flat Panel (1024x768)Functional
Network Drivers
Qualcomm Atheros Qualcomm Atheros AR946x Wireless Network AdapterFunctional
Keyboard Drivers
Microsoft HID KeyboardFunctional
Video Drivers
NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440Functional
Other Drivers
Intel(R) Graphics Chipset (KCH) DriverFunctional
Mobiles And Portable Devices Drivers
Acer NOKIADegraded By Some Drivers
Port Drivers
Alcatel MT6235Functional
Mouse And Touchpad Devices Drivers
Synaptics Synaptics PS/2 Port Pointing DeviceDegraded By Some Drivers
Webcam And Scanner Devices Drivers
Brother Brother DCP-115C USBFunctional
Input Drivers
Logitech Logitech WingMan Formula (ADI)Functional

Output from 10/13/2015, Sony VPCYA15FK PC

Disfunctional drivers:3/14

Hardware Device and DriverOutputOutput ExplainedAutomaticly Installed
Usb Drivers
Sonix Sonix ST50220 USB Video CameraFunctional
Hard Disk Controller Drivers
Intel(R) 82801DBM Ultra ATA-lagringskontroller - 24CAFunctional
Mother Board Drivers
Microsoft High Definition Audio ControllerDisfunctional
Sound And Media Drivers
Intel(R) Intel(R) Display-AudioFunctional
Monitor Drivers
Sony Digital Flat Panel (1024x768)Functional
Network Drivers
Ralink 802.11n-Drahtlos-LAN-KarteFunctional
Keyboard Drivers
Microsoft Keyboard Device FilterDegraded By Some Drivers
Video Drivers
ATI ATI Technologies, Inc. 3D RAGE PRO AGP 2XFunctional
Other Drivers
Nokia Nokia C6-00 USB OBEXDisfunctional
Mobiles And Portable Devices Drivers
Acer NOKIAFunctional
Port Drivers
Huawei HUAWEI Mobile Connect - USB Device (COM32)Functional
Mouse And Touchpad Devices Drivers
Microsoft Microsoft Comfort Mouse 3000 (Mouse and Keyboard Center)Functional
Webcam And Scanner Devices Drivers
Sonix USB Video DeviceFunctional
Input Drivers
Wacom Virtual Keyboard InterfaceFunctional

Output from 10/13/2015, Sharp PC-SV1 Series PC

Disfunctional drivers:4/14

Hardware Device and DriverOutputOutput ExplainedAutomaticly Installed
Usb Drivers
Hewlett-Packard HP Deskjet 6980 Series (DOT4USB)Functional
Hard Disk Controller Drivers
VIA VIA Serial ATA Controller - 3149Disfunctional
Mother Board Drivers
Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB Universal Host Controller - 2935Functional
Sound And Media Drivers
Realtek Dispositivo High Definition AudioFunctional
Monitor Drivers
Sony Digital Flat Panel (1024x768)Functional
Network Drivers
Realtek Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NICFunctional
Keyboard Drivers
Microsoft HID KeyboardFunctional
Video Drivers
ATI RADEON X300 Series SecondaryDisfunctional
Other Drivers
Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 24D1Functional
Mobiles And Portable Devices Drivers
Acer NOKIAFunctional
Port Drivers
MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port (COM11)Functional
Mouse And Touchpad Devices Drivers
Logitech Logitech Gaming Virtual KeyboardDegraded By Some Drivers
Webcam And Scanner Devices Drivers
USB2.0 PC CAMERA Periferica video USBFunctional
Input Drivers
Logitech Logitech Optical Tilt Wheel MouseDegraded By Some Drivers